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.....Shellac can be worn for 14 days, but I have chosen to have it renewed weekly until my nails increase in strength. I like the classic French look and my nails look great all week. The Shellac does not chip away from the nail and has a beautiful sheen.


......I have been using the Shellac polish for about 3 months. It has been one of the busy products I have ever used. Regular polish usually lasted 1-2 days on my nails before it had a chipped or flaked so bad that I had to remove it plus it did nothing for protecting my nails. 

With Shellac I can walk out of my appointment with dry nails that I do not have to worry about messing up if I bumped them. 

The shellac is dry, hard and ready to go! It last for 2 weeks with no chipping!

I can do my housework, groom horses and work in my yard and my nails still looked as good as when I walked out the door.
Sue - Madison

Michele  &  Shellac

.....Michele has been my nail tech for about 14 years. She has always done a great job and worked to accommodate whatever schedule I had.  She recently began offering the Shellac nail polish.

This stuff is great, it stays on for 2 weeks without chips or cracks. I’ve been on a houseboat trip and the Shellac stayed on despite water, sun and loading and unloading the boat. Another advantage is that your nails are completely dry when Michele finishes, you don’t have to worry about “dinging” them with your keys or money.

The Shellac is really good and I glad Michele has taken the time and effort to bring it to her clients.
Anne M – Huntsville

Michele & Shellac

.....After looking all over town for a clean American nail tech, I was excited to meet Michele. I was not wanting to go back to Acrylic nails, but being a business professional my nail have to look great. I mentioned this to Michele and she told me about Shellac. I will never use anything else. Michele is awesome!
I have attached photos.

Lisa - Huntsville

After 2 weeks

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